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See, I have a life

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One of my friends from high school was in town this weekend, so I just went out and saw Alien vs. Predator. It wasn't horrible, but way too much plot and too many people. I would have been perfectly happy if they had just thrown a hundred Predators and a couple thousand Aliens on an open field and just let them rip for an hour and a half. Instead, there were all these humans on screen for too much of the movie. I'm not going to see a movie titled Alien vs. Predator if I'm interested in character development, not that there was much of that either.

Oh, and if I am going to see a movie called Alien vs. Predator, my suspension of disbelief threshold is going to be set pretty high, so there's no excuse for me to saying WTF to myself every three minutes.

Basically it wasn't a good movie, and it wasn't bad in the right ways.
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