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Badger spit

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Evil Steve


Starting from tomorrow, I'm going to scream into a microphone and put it on myspace. Then go and add everyone I possibly can. I'll demonstrate how easy it is to get 9,000 people added as friends.

I hate how random rubbish bands add people to attempt to get some sort of popularity...

I'm going to call it "Operation Coke Fiend"

On your marks... get set... go!

EDIT: Ok, maybe not starting tomorrow at all. I might at the weekend though.
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I agree. I haven't even figured out HOW to add people and these fucking bands keep doing it... its ridiculous, because I can't stand their shit music. I should do a cake-metal-esque song and pump it up so loud and add it to my page. That oughta fuck their shitty selves right off my page!

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