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Fresh start, again

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Today I bought a 250gb HD, it was at a pretty good price, I'm pretty happy about it, the only thing that I don't like is that I had to redo everything I had done since last week again, I'm just now finishing up installing my software again and I still have to setup my projects and redo my perforce bindings and all that fun stuff. The great thing about it is that now I have a separate 80gb HD that I'll put in one of those external casings and I'll use it to backup my project to it nightly.

In other news, I started up a GD group for Montreal, there wasn't one and there's like 130 people from Montreal registered. It might be fun, I look forward to people joining, it might be fun to do a gathering and meet some of the people here in real life.

Alright, I still have a lot to install, so I better get going.
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