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Progress Report, and Nefarious Bug Squashing!

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A fair amount of work on MoE today. A good portion of the Fog of War code got implemented onto Tiles and Paths, which are now propogated as detected rather than explicitly communicated by test code. The fog of war stuff seems like a beehive of nasty hacks, but it works like a charm and is easy to use once implemented.

Also I got the project definition class started a bit; Tech Tree and Project Definition initialization is in place despite no content as of yet.

I also tracked down and destroyed a nefarious UI bug with my movement bindings. Since the FogOfWar code actually communicated the Path info, I wanted to try it out. I made a few movements with the unit, and then it returned to 0,1. Odd, I tried it again and similar effects happened. I restarted it a few times, trying to find a reproducable pattern. No go, sometimes the bug would kick in after 2 moves, sometimes 3, sometimes more. The direction didn't seem to matter. I set debugging info up for the movement commands, the path communication, the input handler...

No help. Well the active unit code is actually pretty simple from the UI perspective. The unit in question gets a blinking box around it, and keys are bound for movement and recentering (and eventually context menus and similar orders). Silly me, I just bound the movement keys to the box. The blinking box. So, what would happen is that if the box happened to be blinked in when the keystroke occured, the binding caught it properly and moved the unit. If it was blinked out, the binding wasn't visible to the input handler. Thus a lower, un-GC'd binding would catch it, and move the unit as it thought appropriate.

Anyways, the Project creation goal looks to be on track, with about 3 hours of work left to get it working without UI controls. I should be able to get some screenies up tomarrow of proper Fog of War'd world.
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