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I simply can't believe some of the absolute rubbish that is required in assignments for subjects like Marketing.

Perceptual Mappings, I mean seriously! Sure, draw pretty graphs to make the mumbo-jumbo appear scientific, although the same conclusions could be gleaned without the stupid 2D graphing of how customers percieve your product. Ridiculous.

If that weren't bad enough, I have Statistics on one hand telling me that I shouldn't draw conclusions from data, because you can't just prove causation because the data proves a link. But in my marketing class they are simply throwing rules like this out of the window and running with whatever hype they can find.

I feel like burning marketing down, but lucky for them I am an external student. *sigh*. It is so funny how one department can just ignore the basic principles of another that are teaching to students in the same semester at the same time...

I wrote up a Game idea for a High School game, but this won't commence until after Empyrean Gate (and 4e5 for that matter)
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A high school game, eh? If I had actually attended a real high school, I would be able to help. As it is now... Yeah, I have no idea what I could contribute.

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It's basically a modification from Super Columbine Massacre, where you role-play certain types of students, and see what happens to the other students when you act certain ways.

Most of it is interpersonal, so not a lot of High-school related learning or anything. More a lot of fights, bullying, bookspills and the like.

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