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Setup & deploy

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I rewrote the setup script of Spineless, resulting in much better detection of FMOD, and ODE now being an optional dependency, only needed for collision detection and physics.

I also released a development snapshot of Spineless now that 0.3 is feature complete. Quoting from the news item on the web site:

Spineless 0.3.0 is now feature complete. This means "all" that's left to do is testing (and lots of it) and writing decent documentation - finally. As promised, I released a development snapshot. You can find it on the Download page. Note that it hasn't been seriously tested and all documentation is seriously outdated, but at least I could get it built and the tests run on all three platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux). Have fun, and please report any problems or bugs!

Still no screenshots; expect those when I start writing new tests and continue working on the Secret Game Project.

Btw, I found a really stupid bug in my triangle mesh collision test, which resulted in strange (and wrong) looking collisions. Turns out I was rotating the rendered mesh but not the collision mesh... *doh* (note: you don't need to rotate these separately in Spineless, it was just that I had the rotation in the lower level model node and not the higher level node containing the collision mesh and model).
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Excellent to hear. Looks like I'll likely be doing some playing in Python sometime soon. [smile]

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