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Transition phase

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Heh, no, false alert, those screenshots are not new. Or, well, they are, as i just took them today, but there's no new feature in the planetary engine.

I called that post "transition phase", because i'm currently in the process of finishing a new version for the space combat prototype, with some new content ( JoeB's Makon frigate, high-resolution sky boxes, etc.. ), and i'll soon resume work on the actual game and the planetary engine. I'm not sure what to do next on the planetary engine; probably vegetation or volumetric clouds. I also need a bit of time to analyze all the design problems that i've encountered in the combat prototype, and how i'm going to solve / improve them for the game. There will be a couple new features / bug fixing in the combat prototype in the next months, but it will no longer be the priority ( heh, i can't spend all my time on a prototype! ). Expect the server to stay up a lot more often after the next patch.

New screenies:

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It will be interesting to see how this awesome space engine effects the gameplay itself..... Considering the scale of things.

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And again some fine stimulation of the awe-organs.
Keep the footage stream up *thumbs up*.

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Amazing. Volumetric clouds, vegetation and Water (sorry, I mean Liquids, because you never know, it could be a Methane sea!) will make it even more Rump Smackingly Jawdroppinglyluscious.

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