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Mini progress update.

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I've been sitting down and re-evaluating the progress of Glow, and I think I have some time to add features to the game -- more if I don't participate in 4E5 (which I plan to do, so it's a moot point). It's more or less something exciting to add to the game to keep me from getting bored in the doldrums of AI and entity behaviours.

I'll add some new features tonight and you'll see them pretty soon. I kind of like the idea, and I think it makes the game more complex and yet easier to play.

Anyway, here's an interesting link for you since I'm not making a screenshot entry: Apple is looking for C/C++ games coders. It looks like they ganked some guy from LucasArts and now they're off to the races (probably working on making sure games run their best under the virtualization software that comes with OS X 10.5, although they're also hiring ARM7 guys like crazy so maybe some new iPod games are in the future -- who knows? Exciting times ahead for gamedevs).
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