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Drugs, drugs, drugs

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Oh man, what does this do?

It boosts your stats -- and your health, if it's a strength derm. But beware! If you don't have enough health left to pay back the debt you've taken by getting high, you're in for death.

For example, if I have 45/45 health, and I take a derm for 60/60 health, and I get hit down to 14/60 health, and then the derm wears off, I'm at -1/45 health and I'm fucking dead, okay?

The drugs provide a convenient stat boost for those tough situations, and gives me another opportunity to advance subversive drug literature through the use of my games. Not to mention it also fills up another couple of the 16 inventory slots!
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I imagine that "++" to be much like a kiss from an Italian Godfather.

Does this mean that if I don't play ball with the news team, I'll end up with a horse's head in my bed?

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Givin' me old roguelike nightmares with that. :P

Arg, I hate it when I die from that kind of thing, not realizing that it will kill me. How about a warning or something before you use it to indicate when it will be lethal? Like, say, a red highlight over it when it's lethal, and green when it's 'safe'.

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They last roughly 45-60 seconds (current build has them at 31 seconds apiece, because it's a nice non-round number). Playtesting will decide the final numbers.

Now that I've seen this thread, I think I'll implement an additional feature -- I'll make the effects longer (at least 60 seconds per patch) and warn you if you don't have enough health left to take the stimpatch withdrawal (by displaying a flashing skull on the progress bar). I'll also increase the Dr. Health Kits to provide at least 50HP per use, so you can scramble for one. Note that the standard Strength patch only gives you 1 HP and 1 STR, and it's only the black patch that is really dangerous (with 30 HP and 30 STR).

The inventory menu does warn you but most people won't read it.

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Original post by ArchWizard
I am posting because you said "Dr. Health Kit."

You can put it on the box: Dr. Health Kit keeps you from dying in from drug withdrawal shock.

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Also, note that you'll never die from withdrawal shock normally. This will only happen if you take a strength derm, then lose health (by being hurt or whatever). Then, if you don't have enough health left to pay back the debt, you'll die.

The indirect inspiration is the Berzerker skill in AD&D, most particularly Baldur's Gate.

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I had guessed that you got it from D&D. Maybe you should add a miniscule gigantic star ferret to Glow.

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