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Ok, monday, first day of work at the company.

Usually a monday looks like this :

8:00 Arrival, emails, website visiting
9:00 Meeting
10:00 Start working, bitching around with beta testers
12:00 Get something to eat, surf on the net.
12:30 Restart working
16:30 Go home

While working I still surf on the web because I have research to do (speech recognition on embedded systems). But I always take a look at GameDev.net.

Normally, if everything goes well, at the end of the week a game will be published (programmed by me). I think it turned out quite well. We got a professional musician to do our SFX and ingame music. I have one or two things to do but our testers don't seem to have found a bug. So, crossing fingers.

I've been looking through the web yesterday because I wanted to know how people have included the programmable pipe into their engine code. I'm mostly concerned on how to pass values from ie. a configuration file to the shader. IMO the app must know which shaders are used. Perhaps I could find a way to handle the parameter passing as I did it for my XML renderdescription (which is almost a cc of the DirectX effect files).
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