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Stuff seems to be working

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Apart from a couple of minor suggestions and bug reports, the new games appear to be running pretty well. Apart from a few minor hiccups (Shi sen high scores being ranked in reverse), everything's working pretty well.

I still need to come up with some better instructions for BaffleBees. I think I have the skill level just about right for it. It's intended to be one of the tougher daily puzzles as opposed to Shi Sen, which is really pretty light. IMHO, everything's fairly balanced difficulty-wise. They're tough enough to be a challenge, but not so tough that they take a long time to play. I can play all six daily puzzles in about 15 minutes. It's become my daily ritual :)

Question: How many of you puzzlers actually check the scores? Shelly informed me that she does it strictly for the challenge and she doesn't really bother to scroll down to see how she fared in the previous day's puzzle. Anyone else do this?
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I check the scores to see how I compare to other players.

I do not compare favorably.

Oh, and "indominable" is not a word. "Indomitable," however, is a word, and I believe it is a word you should desire to know.

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Shi Sen is a lot of fun. If you made a MIDP 1.0 version of it, I would give you a lot of money for it.

The bee one, eh, I don't like it. I never like those "sacrifice something to go forward" puzzles. It always feels like you're being punished even if you made the right choice.

I always forget to check the scores when I make an entry! Maybe in a future version you could add an RSS feed for your name, so whenever there's a high score table with your name in it, you get an RSS feed. Or an email.

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