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I hate commuting

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Evil Steve


Well, I started travelling to Glasgow to work today. The train usually takes an hour to get there, unless you decide to get the train that arrives 5 minutes earlier than the other one, but then you find out when you get on board and it departs that it actually takes almost twice as long.
The train from Edinburgh Waverly to Glasgow Central goes via about 15 stops, and takes around 1h 50. The train from Edinburgh Waverly to Glasgow Queen Street goes via 3 stops, and takes 1h. Bugger.
So I got in at around 10am instead of 9:30am. Although I don't think anyone really cared too much; a lot of people didn't show up till 10:30 or 11:00.
Another annoying thing is that we still don't know if we're getting paid travel expenses, and a daily return ticket is GBP16.20. Which works out at 39% of my salary. Add to that the cost of me getting to and from the train station (a 4 week bus pass), and I'm paying 43% of my salary to get to and from work. Hooray.

On the plus side, I now have 2 "free" hours, so I should get through my books pretty quickly. I got through 6 chapters of Game Programming Gems 5 today (I average about 2 a week otherwise). I still have to get through Game Programming Gems 6 and Game Scripting Mastery though.
I intend to bring my laptop with me at some point, those "free" 2 hours could be put to good use coding I think. I just need to remember to sync my laptop and PC before and after work. I also need to work out if it's feasable based on the amount of space in the train. If it's as busy as it was on the way home today, it's hard enough to find space to open a book, let alone bool up a 15.4" laptop.

Also joyously, we still don't know when we're getting paid. If we don't get paid within the next 2 weeks (2 weeks over when we were supposed to), I can;t actually afford to travel to work. But then that's their problem...
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I have to travel an hour to work everyday but it's by car so no work time for me :-( When the train is busy keep your laptop in the bag and pull out a sudoku book or a good novel :-)

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I used to commute to Edinburgh for a job a few years ago...trains were a nightmare. Then I discovered that the CityLink Express Coach was only £6.20 return any time of the day, only takes just over an hour and is much cosier to snooze on in the mornings.

There's always The MAGIC BUS :o

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