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Kingstone's Manifestation

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So, I promised a report by or before June 1st. There won't likely be any significant developments between now and the 1st, so I'll post now. Project Kingstone, in its earliest stages, in a nutshell:


Project Kingstone is a turn-based strategy game based around rival kingdoms competing against each other in a medieval fantasy setting, and is played on a grid of hexagons. The game is based around tasks such as resource management, trade, diplomacy, exploration, and large-scale military tactics.


The game is in very early design stages, and as such, very little is firmly locked into place. However, there are some things which are fairly certain; the setting of the game will include fantasy elements, most likely in simplistic forms of magic, and supernatural or mythological creatures. I'm aiming for a very traditional feel, one which almost anybody who knows anything about knights and dragons and wizards will feel comfortable in.

I plan to tie in a decent amount of brainwork into the gameplay, but I'll most likely make it as logical and easy to understand as possible. I have several goals for the game, including the ability to customize the player's avatar (The King or Queen of the player's people), a deep system of trade and resources, and an extensive diplomacy system. However, these are all final goals, and at the moment I'm still working on core design elements.

Current issues of the design I'm dealing with include just how in-depth the unit system will be, thinking about the flow of resources, the interaction between users, potential combat/attribute systems, terrain issues, etc.. There's a lot of base stuff that still needs to be locked down. I'll probably make setting up a rough prototype a high priority, simply so that I can start testing out concepts. One thing is for sure, I'm determined to do this, and I have a lot of ideas.

Minor notes about presentation for anybody who cares: This will be a top-down, 2D game. I intend to keep things technologically simple, for two main reasons. Firstly, it'll mean the game will likely run decently even on slower computers. Secondly, it means I can focus more on making the game actually playable instead of just making it look pretty. Besides, there's a big difference between what's simple, and what's aesthetic.

With this, I'm going to go and study up more on things I need to, and contemplate a few major decisions. I don't really expect this project to be treated as anything other than vapourware until I produce something which suggests evidence to the contrary. The best way to convince people that you can produce something is to actually sit down and produce it, so, off I go.

Good hunting.
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Ooh, this sounds like a very interesting game to play. I am definitely interesting in hearing about your progress. Good luck!

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