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Day Late, Dollar Short.

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I was distracted yesterday by penny arcade's linking to Bang Howdy. I gave it a try since it was by the folks who made Puzzle Pirates, which I liked quite a bit. Quite a different game, not nearly as innovative or compelling, but it's still got a good addictiveness to it.

Today though, yes today I managed to pull myself away to do a good bit of job hunting and finish up my weekend MoE goal. Spawned and moving units now 'discover' the land around them, which in turn triggers discovery of paths, other units, and eventually other goodies. Note that the grey box is a mountain, and thus obscures the line of sight to the three northeasterly tiles.

Not really as cool looking as I expected, but it was a good deal of work and acts a lot more like a game now.

[edit: oh yes, this one was made using the in-game screenshot taker which I mentioned a few posts back, but not used until now]
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