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Lua ponderings...

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So, thursday... which is tomorrow now for me, I have todo a presentation as part of my degree... which ofcourse, I haven't got the slides remotely done for, but this is just me all over and I'll get them done later/tomorrow [grin]

So, I figured, what better time to look at the Lua5.1 book which turned up the other day, specifically at the package stuff and the new 'module' function.

Its infact pretty sane, kind of hybrid mix of Java and, from what I gather, C#. In that, when you load a module it not only looks at module directories for the files, but for file names AND you can define more than one module in a dll or lua file.

Ofcourse, while reading it I got a few ideas, because I've wanted to use Lua for alot more stuff but I've never really got around to it, however as I've got some spare time I thought this summer might be a good time todo something, so as part of that I might well turn the OGLWFW and GTL into Lua C packages, sounds like a giggle at least [grin]

But now, I should really do something about that presentation, I'll be doing it off the top of my head anyways, but slides are a must, if only as prompts for what I'm going to say and do [wink]
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Lua is pretty sick. The only things I don't like about it are the stack and the table system........... Call me object-oriented but..............

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