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Not much

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My internet went out so I couldn't make an update yesterday. Not that I had really anything new to say. I'm still working on the Level 5 boss, among other things.

With this boss, I'm trying something that I've been thinking about doing in this game, but didn't think I would be able to get it right. I decided to just give it a try, though. I'll have a screenshot of it...er...sometime this week.

I saw X-Men 3. I thought it was pretty good, and entertaining to watch. I especially liked it because...well...I don't like Cyclops[lol]
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Sounds like you're putting a lot of work into Boss #5. I'm lookin' forward to pwning 'em! =b

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That movie is complete shit. I have followed X-Men since I was 5 and that movie ruins so much of the story of X-Men, I walked out.

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Dude, there's only one x-men that we saw dying in that movie (without coming back immediately), and her name is Phoenix. And she has died before. In the movies, because if we count the books, I lost count of how many times she's been dead.

Methinks Scott will be found living with a clone of Jean Grey on the next movie.

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