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I'm fairly sure I will switch to Boost.Python for wrapping C and C++ extensions for Spineless. Boost.Python is much more actively developed than Pyrex, and supports C++. My only concern is that it could complicate the build process... but the decision hasn't been made yet, I'll review, test and benchmark it (and possibly other options) against Pyrex first, and figure how it would integrate to the Spineless setup script.

SWIG is definitely out, since it uses an additional Python layer for wrapping C++ classes, so it's much slower than other options.

Still no screenshots, sorry. I will give you a comb jelly instead:

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It's funny, the PyOgre guys went just the other way. If I remember right, it was a matter of control. SWIG required more manual work than boost.python, but it allowed them to keep things more pythonic. Or something. You may want to leave a question in the PyOgre forums.

Just out of curiosity, what C++ stuff do you want to wrap?

About the fish, it is really pretty. Wonder if it could be turned into a mascot for Spineless, or something.

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