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Well I have been working on vegetation, in this image you see 9 trees(150 tris each) and 5000 grass meshes batches with Ogre's static geometry feature =)

purdy purdy lake =P

I can assure you, no plants were harmed in the making of this screenshot

Next is taller grass that waves in the wind, ooohohoho =P
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Hey everyone! Deranged went to his Dad's for a month, and im his second programmer. Heres what i have gotten done so far:

Yay For Day

Shows off:
-Dynamic Day night cycle
-Attached sunlight

Soon to come:

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Hey man, looks nice, make the sun smaller though, and it appears I made it too dark... Not enough yellow, when I get my laptop back I'll fix it, and add some overlayed sun blur to make it just right =P. Also, set the shadow color to something lighter, like 0.31, 0.31, 0.31.

Don't forget clouds =P I'll make a perlin generator for them when I get my laptop mate.

EDIT: The sun is fixed a bit now, and our discussions yielded that volumetric clouds would be better.

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