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I decided to go ahead and re-tool my bot for Kingdom of Loathing. It basically needed a complete rewrite, because its built upon another bot's (KoLmafia) underlying interfaces (yay java!) which aren't really meant to be exposed.

I guess that's one of the few "good" things I like about Java - you can do stuff like that without needing the code or anything - all the information you need is available in the jar file. Granted, you have to figure out all the interfaces and relations and stuff, but that's half the fun. Like the developer changing the order of the parameters of a constructor with the signature

AdventureRequest( KoLmafia, String, String, String )

Yeah... that one threw me for a spin. But the core functionality (my scripting system, logging in/out of the servers, and adventuring) is finished.

Anyway, just so we're clear, Java still sucks.

Oh, and does anyone know about using Python with Java? I'd love to have a more robust scripting system than I have now - though I'm not sure I should even bother with something like that. I basically just need a client that can analyze the gamestate from a guild perspective rather than a player perspective - there are existing bots for that - because I'm essentially running a botguild. Its pretty cool.
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Anyway, just so we're clear, Java still sucks.

I've officially decided to stop defending Java from offhand remarks. Why? Because as of late I've come to agree with your conclusion. :P


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Ah, I figured there was something like that.

Well... cool :D

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