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Grad School Applications, round 2

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Well, it's been almost a year and a half since the last time I attempted to gain acceptance to a graduate school. So, here is a statement of academic objectives that I've been working on:


In my Senior year of study for my Bachelor's degree, I completed an original research project, and found that I enjoyed myself in the process. I would love the chance to perform original research again. I would also like to return to teaching, a role that I enjoyed first as a tutor in subjects on science and mathematics and later as an instructor in the martial arts.

My Senior project at Shippensburg University was an original research project studying and developing the uses of optical illusions in computer graphics. I evaluated the current state of the art with regards to optical illusions and found that very few people outside of the field of Cognitive Science had even considered it. By the end of my project, I had developed a novel approach to displaying terrain data that incorporated three axes of information in only two physical axes, with a substantial savings in processing power requirements. In April of 2005, I traveled to St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA and presented a poster on my project at their annual Sigma Xi Student Research Symposium. Now that I have demonstrated that some use of optical illusions is not only possible, but practical, I am very interested in continuing this work.

Optical Illusions are just one area of possible study. I am also interested in Software Engineering in general. I have studied the topic of Test Driven Development quite a bit, and have some ideas on how it might be advanced by incorporating techniques from signal processing and artificial intelligence. In April of 2006, I was invited by my former professor and Shippensburg University's Computer Science Department Chair, Dr. Carol Wellington, to join the first Software Engineering Conference at Shippensburg University. I discussed various forms of testing to guide software development.

In the past I have worked in various teaching capacities. I began as a peer tutor while attending Penn State Mont Alto. I tutored in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. When I transferred to Shippensburg University, I began teaching classes at my martial arts school. I was given responsibility over a class of children and a class of adults, where I designed a curriculum of training to meet the school belt requirements, trained as well as administered testing, all while maintaining my own training regimen to earn a black belt.

I am ready to leave the private sector in pursuit of higher academic achievement. I have already completed original research in Computer Graphics and have been recognized as a leader in Software Engineering. I think my future research success will reflect well upon whatever school I choose to attend. Hopefully I can continue my career at an institution for which I can enjoy working.

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I'm thinking of applying to:
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech
FIU (I've visited the campus, the tuition is ungodly low and the place is a palace)

and maybe Savanah College of Art Design

I really haven't done a lot of research on schools yet. I want to go somewhere that is doing *some* research in CG. It would be good to also have a fairly decent psychology program at the school.

And I have to retake the GREs, which I think is a waste of time and money, but whatever.

Any suggestions?

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Yay PSU! Great school. In addition to their computer science department, their School of Information Science and Technology does a lot of computer science-cognitive science research (check out Dr. Frank Ritter).

NC State is also a good choice, Dr. Chris Healy does some cool graphics work. UNC also has an outstanding graphics program and should also be considered.

If you get into PSU, all your football ticket are belong to me.

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