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That's right. I crashed the MSVC compiler. Everybody knows the IDE can crash every once in a while if you muck with it improperly, but I've never even heard of anyone actually crashing the compiler.

I guess that's just what I get for horribly abusing the C++ language. I was trying to make a static mapping of ID numbers to types (don't ask why), and I ended up with some horribly messy template+macrosex code. For about a half second I contemplated seeing if I could reproduce it and send it off to Microsoft for a free t-shirt for finding a bug, but then I realized what an abomination I had created and deleted the entire mess before anyone could see what I had done.

It will be my barfday (and coincidentally, the release date of HL2:Aftermath) in a few more hours. Hooray. Steam just updated itself and in the news it mentioned that the Friends feature has returned. I do believe Hell has just frozen over.

Hoorah the 4e5 site is up. I'm not sure if I want to do it this year or not, since most of my programming time is already spent on other things. I don't have a job this summer though, so I guess we'll see. Either way, I can't wait to see what the elements are going to be.

In other news, I'm moving Galatea to the graveyard of projects that will probably never ever get done. It will be joining other classics like "The Return of Thor", a 16-bit 2d game written entirely in x86 assembly, and "DukeOS", my hobby operating system.

I realized that after all this is gamedev.net, and I'm here to make games, not obscure AI programming languages. So make games I will. I've been thinking I want to do something sci-fi-ish for a while. Maybe if I actually get going something I'll have some screenies :o.
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