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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Well I'm leaving for Tuscon, AZ in about 30 minutes to go work on an airplane my dad is rebuilding, so I'll be even more out of the loop than usual until Sunday. I decided that I'd leave you guys one final update before I left, and here it is!

Sapo Drew Another Plane!
Mark and I have been having trouble getting his fancy airplane sprites to look good in game, so until we fix it, we'll be using my 32x32 "airplanes". Since we'll be testing actual gameplay soon, I thought we would need another airplane, so I drew one up.... yeah, I'm awesome[wink]

Here's a screeny of me in my new plane shooting at... not me, in the old plane:

Well, Mark should have some cool looking things for you guys when I get back, so tune in Sunday for a (possibly) image packed entry! Peace OUT!
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Your dad rebuilds airplanes? :-O Sweet!

The new clouds also look awesome; I only just noticed them. Compared to the ugly 'blotches' you had before in the weather demos, they're kickarse. Can't wait to see a demo emerge from all of this hard work. Keep it up! [smile]

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One of these, if I'm not mistaken:

Also, the clouds are salvaged from Angels 20, our old game- with some improvements, of course- thanks!
(I'm also working on awesome at the moment, so expect cool stuff Sunday, for sure)

-Mark the Artist

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