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Here is a shot with some of the UI changes made yesterday.

I like the color on the health & firing bars better, and the guns now show their slot #, which corresponds to the key to hit to get that weapon.

You can also use the [ & ] keys to cycle through your weapons, and the mouse wheel.

I fixed an annoying control bug yesterday, that I've seen in many games. If your character's gun ends up poking through or embedded in a wall or door, you can still fire. This would be super unfair in a multiplayer game, and is the kind of thing exploited when ppl get 'under the map' in MOH:AA. It is also was a big problem in our game, b/c a significant part of the gameplay involves using the cover to your advantage.

If you were standing behind a pillar, but your gun muzzle stuck into the pillar, you could fire out ( since back facing polys don't collide ), and the enemy would not have a clear line of fire back to you. I discovered this yesterday while playing. This has been an issue only for a few weeks, because a while ago your shots would come from roughly your waist, which was blocked from penetrating something by the physics code. Objects in your character's hands aren't physical objects, however, so they can clip into the world.

Ideally, you wouldn't be able to stick your gun into a wall or pillar, but that is a whole other can of worms. Making the arm raise up to avoid the hazard it is an option, but it would be annoying to wait for the arm to re-aim after moving aside to clear your line of fire. I suppose he should drop his arm whenever he is in a situation in which he can't fire.

What I did instead was to cast a ray from the character's eyes to his gun muzzle, looking for front & backfacing polygons or solid entities along the way. If his sight is blocked, the gun won't discharge, even if it's in the middle of burst mode.

This works great, and prevents the player from breaking a large part of the gameplay.

Also fixed a strange but where occasionally the AI would walk towards the northeast corner of their room. Turns out it was a slight floating point error that caused them to have a very small positive DesiredVelocity.
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Status bars look great! They are much more "visible" now.

When you are standing at an obstruction and fire, the gun doesn't discharge at all? In a way this does seem to break gameplay in that the player cannot fire at any time they want. I know a player would have no interest in wasting ammo by firing into a wall, but, in a way, it breaks your suspension of disbelief by allowing or disallowing you to fire depending on where you're standing. In the real world, pulling trigger = firing gun. Here it's not the case, unless I'm misunderstanding?

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In the real world, if you stick your handgun into a brick wall, I wouldn't expect it to fire properly when I pull the trigger.

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The game is looking really good, full marks on that. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is the game indie or commercial? (I imagine indie, otherwise you wouldn't be releasing screenshots by the boatload). Either way, when might you release a juicy demo?

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Not sure how to answer your question. It is both idie and commercial. By indie, I mean that it is produced by a small group of self-funded developers. By commercial, it is not simply a hobby and is intended to make money.

Perhaps you are wondering how we plan to distribute it? We will sell direct for sure, and a boxed retail presence is under consideration.

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