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Dear Diary:

The C++ Workshop has finally begun...Chapter 1 & 2 are being covered in the first week, so hopefully people are able to get involved and follow along. I've decided to extend the first week to 10 days so that people have time to get their books, cover the 2 chapters, and so we're on a more logical calendar schedule. Each week will go from Monday to Sunday, with new chapter threads posted each Monday.

The first week's thread is Here.

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I really appreciate what you guys are up to. Let me know if you need any sort of moderation-like things.

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Thanks! I'm glad to see some of the other mods are following along. It's always nice to have respected opinions.


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Thanks you for spending your free time doing it. I have learn something that I haven't know before. It is a great workshop. Keep it up!

Too sad I don't have the book "Teach yourself C++ in 21 days (5th Edition)". But I found the "Teach yourself C++ in 21 days (2nd Edition)" on the internet. I don't know if there are much differce between these two edition.

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