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Demo - weekend

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The level 5 boss is pretty much finalized. I'm going to now make sure everything works, and that's it is ready for release. I'll upload a new demo this weekend.

All in all, Level 5 is quite good. It's probably tied with Level 4 in terms of how much I personally like it. This was really the first level that I had to use my full arsenal of weapons to survive, rather than just blasting through it with just one gun. I think you'll enjoy it.


On another topic, I'm in the mood now for a good RTS game, and am going to go buy one this weekend. I did some research to find some good games that will work on my PC. I narrowed it down to three choices:

Star Wars: Empire at War
Rome: Total War
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

(hmmm...they all have colons, and they all end in "war")

Which one should I pick up from these three?
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I played both dawn of war and rome total war.

I like the battles in rome total war, but the campaign in between bored me a bit, not sure why. I think it just wasn't as much fun as the battles.

Dawn of war was a bit different, I didn't play it too much, but was quite good in that building a decent base required you to take the fight to the enemy.

As to which I'd recommend, I'm not sure. I don't play many games very often, but I liked them both. Rome total war probably has the edge for me as the battles were too much fun, especially the few mulitplayer ones my friend and I played.

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Yeah, I'm leaning towards Rome: Total War because I've never really been too big on base building. However, I've always been a Warhammer 40k fan.

I've played demos of both of them, and had alot of fun with both. I've never played Star Wars: Empire at War though, so maybe I shouldn't even consider it.

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I quite enjoyed playing dawn of war but things didn't quite turn out how the developer (relic?) wanted...

You can quite easily complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting without building a single building! All you have to do is pump out the most basic squad and keep replacing their number when they die...

The expansion pack (with the Imperial Guard) was a little better in that you had to use tactics more but base building is still second to something like the old versions of C&C.

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It looks like I'll be getting Rome: Total War, because it seems like exactly the type of game I've been looking for.

However, I'll probably pick up Warhammer whenever it is I next get the chance.

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