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RSS High Scores

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Awright, I have something for testing. Take a look at this:


This is a generated high score table in XML, complete with XSLT styling so it'll look reasonable if somebody browses to it. I tested it in all the modern browsers (Firefox, IE6, IE7, Opera 9), and it looks great in all of those. If it looks funny in your browser, lemme know.

If you have some kind of blogging utility, subscribe to it and tell me how it looks.

Stuff might look funny if you're using bloglines.com. Apparently bloglines caches stuff up, so it's currently showing some testing versions I tried. Hopefully it'll straighten itself out. Otherwise I'll have to figure out how to make it clear itself.

BTW, the secret for HTML-izing content in a description is the CDATA tag. I don't know how compatible that is with the world (is it just too bleeding edge?). Bloglines seemed to almost understand it. In any case, I kept the HTML in the description to a bare minimum (i.e. no Flash player) so as not to make blog readers implode.

Oh, and big thanks to the person who pointed me to the RSS validator (see the comments of the previous entry). That thing's awesome. Not only did it tell me where my RSS was problematic, it also told me what HTML tags in my CDATA might be troublesome. Absolutely top notch tool.

Now to finish that up, and after that the wild world of CRON jobs. Thanks Rick.
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