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Check Point Date

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Mike Bossy


It's been a while since my last entry. Mostly because there hasn't been anything exciting worth mentioning. I've just been plugging away on creating levels. Or in corporate speak, I've been executing. The good news is that my level editor has been paying off like crazy. I easily have saved a good 10 hours of work thanks to the 2 hours it took to throw together. I currently am done with 20 levels of a potential 52 so there's plenty more time to be saved yet.

Today was the date I originally set as my code complete date. I came to my code complete date a couple of weeks ago so I was safely ahead of schedule. My next target date is 7/1 for content complete. When I originally set this date I was only thinking about art and totally forgot about level data which does fit in the realm of content. As such I am no longer "ahead" and more closer to "on track". The last couple of weeks has been spent creating levels and if I keep up at my current pace I should have my goal of 52 done by 7/1. Art work is still coming in from my artists so I feel confident they will be able to hit the 7/1 date as well.

After doing all this level design work I now feel for level designers. In the past I never really gave the position much thought but I can't imagine how tough of a job it is to design levels for real games. I'm just laying out cards in hopefully interesting patterns. I could't imagine layout out levels for something like Halo or Half-life. Hats off to you level designers, the unsung, underpaid heros of our fun time!

Here's a couple quick screens of levels in the ugly ass level editor to keep the screeny gods appeased.

New Level

New Level

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