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New site design

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I spent the last few hours setting up a server on my computer and working on a new site design. I've got a decent one done up for now, but its VERY temporary. Although extremely messy, the code is by-far the best I've done yet. This is actually the second design, both using the same code and both looked very different.

Edit: lol, I forgot to post the image (sorry about the resolution.)
Edit2: And no, its not fixed-width (other than the navbar)

I'll have to try and add MySQL support soon so I can start updating on their as well.

I love how revisiting a language after a while feels. I haven't scripted in PHP in about 2 1/2 years and after about 10 minutes it all came rushing back.

I got a good chunk of work done today, as you can see by this. The one thing that took the most time has to be removed [sad]. I spent a little while working on the network list, but I had forgotten that most nodes won't be named, so it'd be a tad bit hard to list them out. The only reason it took so long is because I was trying to come up with a decent layout. In the end I used 2 side-by-side listboxes that interacted with each other (recieved selection change messages from the other and such.) Oh well.

The only thing that I REALLY want to get done is the MDX rendering system, but I keep skipping over it =/. I've got it to where I can create the device, I'm just having a problem with creating more than one and having it work correctly (I'm creating a device for each form.) I'm pretty sure this is a bad idea, so I'm checking out some articles to see if I can find any info on using MDX in a MDI system.

As soon as I can figure out why the forums chop it up when I try to place it in my header template, I'll be putting up one for both Quill and Project Asrion.

Project Asrion hasn't budged other than thinking about it. I'm positive I'm sticking with the genre, its whether or not I want to go with 2D or 3D. I was planning on sticking specifically with 2D, but I think I'm going to make an exception for this project. We'll see once I finish the design document (on a side note, I've stopped working on the engine until I finish the design document, which is coming along nicely.)
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