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Work takes up a lot of effort and time, as evidenced by the fact that I barely had time to do anything at home, and I haven't updated my journal until now. In fact, I'm writing this on the company's coin because I haven't got anything to do. So far I've spent about 2 hours either playing go or browsing GDNet.

So far I haven't been given much work to do, I've mostly been doing a little bit of research into a problem we have here. Hopefully I'll be given something to occupy me for the next few months soon. There's a possibility that I'll be writing some interesting stuff, so I've certainly got my fingers crossed.

I'll make an effort tonight to upload new screenies/video of my radiosity renderer.

I'm also going to be buying HL2: Episode 1 tonight. $20 isn't that much for a game, even if it is halfsized or less (games over here are often $70-$80). In fact, I can probably pay for it with the money I got from slacking off this morning.

That's my next task for slacking: working out my hourly rate so I can see how much I've been paid for doing nothing.

EDIT: That didn't take long. I've got a bit spare after getting Episode 1..
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Please submit your images to the IOTD forum, too. You know you want to.

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