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Twice in one day?!

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Ok, I know the title sounds a bit dicey, but don't get your hopes up, this aint gonna be no story of me scoring two times in a day. [wink]

Yeh what actually happened is for one, I finally got my first damned raycasting engine up and running! woo! only took me about 2 bloody weeks *read: 2 weeks of painful torture and death*. But its done now! now i just gotta add texturing and collision detection and I'm on my way to stardom!! [lol] The other thing was while I was making my raycasting engine, I was running it and monitoring how much CPU it was using. I was quite shocked when it started reaching 50-60% on a 2.79ghz PC! So I kinda figured that it must be all this locking and unlocking the back buffer every frame (after always hearing in the forums how bad that is). So I made the move to using line lists and the IDirect3DDevice->DrawPrimitive() function. Oh. My. God. what a difference! The maximum CPU usage I got with the exact same level was 5% 5 GODDAM PERCENT!! So yeh, I'm laughing now and can't wait to start adding guns and enemies!

So I've had a pretty good day! And the weekend was good too! Arsenal opened up there premiership with a 4-1 win over Everton, Man U lost 1-0 to Chelsea! If your confused at this point I'm talking about Football, or Soccer or whatever you call it [lol].

Anyway, it's time for me to go home now. Another day of work, another night of Doom III... [evil]

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