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Whee! Finally finished the component set export code. Which is only like 20 lines. It helped that Gamedev is essentially down. hur hur hur.

Sample output - this

Produces -

%name=Light Chasis
%hpname=Main Turret

Yeah, I know its not "efficient" by any means (as compared to just serializing the classes into fixed-length binary strings or something), but its hand-edittable. And I like it like that.


As a sidenote, I'm going to the land-without-internet over the weekend. Which sucks, because I'm going to lose 2-3 days in 4E5. And we all know, those first few days are crucial.

Then again, I plan on using all of this code, so perhaps I won't be that far behind. Lets just hope the elements themselves aren't too cruel to me. Superpig, if you're reading this, your cheque should be arriving any day, I swear!! Don't back out because the post is slow [sad]
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