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Splatter Bonus!

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So now you can shoot characters in Glow. And I finally added the framework to not hit allied characters (of which none yet exist).

Take a gander at these two screens:

The gibs aren't super realistic (too many eyeballs, legs and whatnot) but they whip by fast enough that you don't even notice. I'm having fun. [grin] They even cash in for experience! The game also now makes a smug 'ding' noise when you get a new level.

Next up, monster AI. I think now that I have pathfinding this should be really rewarding.

Edit: The player can die now, and it goes through a mini-cinema before it allows you to respawn. This is pretty impressive because it shows I've decoupled my game logic from the player and so it's theoretically possible that I could extend this engine architecture in a future game to a multiplayer game! But that probably will never happen.
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Thanks guys. I went back and played Freezer 2 again today.

Dear lord, does that game ever feel ancient. No inventory, no character stats, simplistic interface to the world, useless interface, etc, etc. The polish I've put onto Glow really makes it feel more substantial... I'm honestly quite surprised at it. I think this is gonna be something really special. [smile]

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