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MAU Invasion!

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I've been toying around with programming languages, game making programs, etc, for years now, and have after lots of tinkering and false starts, I've set about making the sort of game I'd enjoy playing, a turn based strategy game centered around giant mecha, vehicles and infantry, at various interstellar locations in the far future.

I'm using the game programming language Blitz Basic 3D (Blitz3d), since I've always been more familiar with Basic than C, and it seems to run well enough with my creations.

The game is still in early stages, though I've got a working 3D tiled map editor for placement of terrain, strutures and units. Anyhow, feel free to check out my game-in-development website at:

Feel free to tell me what you think, here on GameDev.Net, and I'd love to hear suggestions from people who are interested in playing Mecha themed games as to features they would love a turn based mecha strategy game to have. I might even implement such good ideas into my finished product :)
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Very impressive work so far! From the screenshots I saw on your site, the game has a nice look to it, and the mech models are especially impressive.

I gave you a rating++ because it is your first journal entry, but mostly because I like what you're doing with this game. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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Wow! You really need to post some of those screenshots in your journal. The artwork is fantastic and the screenshots look amazing. Very cool stuff. Out of curiosity, how did you make the artwork on your home page (with the blotty ink and such). Nice touch.

Anway, as Stompy already said, ++Welcome to Journal Land!

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