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So I ended up bumbling my way through the Wildfire Games interview, and managed to get the position. I've been poking my way around stuff and am really looking forward to coding stuff soon. I'm gonna be doing gameplay scripting/programming.

I ordered another monitor yesterday. I already have a Dell 2001FP (they call them 2007s now), so I went ahead, dug up the best deal I could find, and picked up another one. It's going to be nice to have all this real estate to put photoshop palettes and VS2005's mumble jumble of boxes and stuff. :) Anyway, looking forward to it.

I've begun work on the particle system of my shooter (it's called 15 by the way). I'm having a lot of fun just doing random maths on the particles and seeing what happens. I've managed to conjure up a radial explosion, sparks, and just some other cool patterns. I'll get a screenie up once i actually get somewhat of a good one. Speaking of particle stuff, if you havent seen this journal, go there RIGHT NOW. I just like the art style of the Mr. Robot game. It's really sweet, I'll definetly wait in the virtual line to get it as soon as it comes out.

I'm going to Florida for a week next Thursday, and am pretty much stoked. I have a laptop, and am going to bring my computer (it's a youth camp for my church and i do video editing on it), so I think i'll get a chance to get some coding done (on the drive down at least, 21 hours straight through).

Screenies next post!

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