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Menus, round two

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Remember that ghastly menu screenshot from last week? Well it's not actually changed since then, so my motivational attempt wasn't terribly sucessful. Instead I ended up rewriting the high score menus - they're now using the new menu system. In the process I've discovered a couple of new classes so everything is nicer to work with but still has all the same functionality. (Incidentally I really like the idea of 'discovering' new classes and objects - by listening to your code and extracting a concept that was already present but in a much more informal and adhoc manner. I'll have to expand on this in a separate journal entry).

My current todo list for the next few days:
1. Do the visual overhaul on the menus I've been talking about.
1a. New images for buttons
1b. Different font and colour for menu text
1c. Menu background and animation
2. Tidy up and finalise the high score menus rewrite.
3. Fix some annoying bugs in my new GUI system (mouse clicks and text boxes)
4. Port 'quit y/n' popup to new menu system

Number 2 is rather important, I should do that before moving on while it's still fresh. I hate comming back to sloppy code which is in obvious need of a tidy up.
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