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Doing stuff... and stuff...

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

So, I actually got something done today. I converted most of Quill over to MDX (I say most because the heightmap and splatmap overlays aren't done yet.)

I also modified the node system a little bit and added a nice little graphic for the nodes.


New node system (the green one is the one I'm hovering over)

Here is the new changelog: Quill Changelog

I'm thinking of taking on the WYSIWYG preview tomorrow, but I'm not sure.

Edit: Yea, the node system is wrong, because I'm dumb. I'm converting the values one way and Raymond is doing it a different way. They're coming out right in the editor (for the most part), but I'm not sure if they would in game. I'll have to see, because with my way you can select nodes even when zoomed out.

DragonForge Technology

I got damn lucky. I only had to change a city name and the a little bit of background for Project Asrion and my story will be just fine for 4E5. KICK ASS!

Now, if I could just find some time to work on it [sad].

Edit: Yea, I'm opting out of it again this year. Having the pressure from the Malathedra is enough for me. So, I'm just going to stick with my original storyline.


Other news

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