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Looking for: Evolution vs Religion-rants

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Pipo DeClown


Next week I have to deliver a A2 poster containing images and texts on Evolution vs Religion. My part of this assignment is to collect information to prove evolution incorrect and to defend creation (This aspect, creation, is what I'll be focussing on and not the other sides of religion).

Today, as I browsed for Rob Loach's profile, I was actually looking for a link to his journal, I found a recent reply of his at this topic. I was instantly amazed, because the last thing -I- would be looking for here at GameDev.net is a discussion on the origin of humans and the world today. Quite amazed. (Thank You God!)

Anyway, thanks to the external links provided in that thread I have plenty information to read. I will post here the links that I found that are relative to my part of the assignment, as I don't want to wade through the millions of pages wasting time on a never solvable mystery.

And if you're interested in what I think.. I believe God and creation makes sense to me. You believe science that works through millions of years and so you cannot witness yourself. I think we both believe, but you are not aware.

A big thankyou goes out to Assemblor for linking these articles:
Superbugs not super after all ~ Carl Wieland Tip!
Feedback: Is antibiotic resistance really due to increase in information? ~ by Jonathan Sarfati
Has evolution really been observed? (Summary article) ~ ???
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By "creation", I presume you're referring to the divine beginning of the universe, as performed by The Flying Spaghetti Monster, correct?

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I think Will Wright's "Spore" will prove Evolution. You've got a tough case on your hands.

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Did your Spaghetti Monster use 3DSMAX or Maya? :D

I don't like that game. It seems boring and a lot of (no fun) gameplay put together. Black & White is more fun!

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Ahhh you're from the Netherlands, what are you doing believing a creation story? I believe in Paris though I've never been there, I don't believe in Neverneverland having not been there either. It's the evidence trail that makes the difference :D

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