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So good

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It's so nice when things actually work. This weekend has been incredibly productive, I ported everything to VS2k5, I'm using a new project organization which is working very nicely, I used to have a separate project for each component, like Renderer, Game, Input, Network, System, etc. Now I got rid of that, I have 1 project, SGE and all my files live under it, and I create a separate project for an executable, so now I can do stuff like, work on my game, but if I want to test out a feature, I can create a project for say, AnimationTest, and it will create its own executable, or maybe to join the 4E5 contest.. hmmm...

The contest sounds interesting, and although I haven't seen the movie or read the book, it made me think of the Da Vinci Code...

Anyway, I've got good inertia going, and the weekend is almost over (who was the genius who carved in stone that 2 days were enough?)

Ok, more later, gotta while (IsWeekend()) { drink coffee; write code; }
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