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One small step towards completing my 4E5 entry, one giant leap in productivity. I started and finished the import code for the component set editor this afternoon. I would paste pretty pictures of a T-72 broken down into its components and displayed, but I found a critical mistake in the saving code -
for ( each set of components ) {
for ( each component in the current set ) {

// lots of code to output everything



OMFG. When I saw that I was like "AUGH DAMMIT MY TIME WASTED!" and decided against going through all the effort again right now to plot in all the coordinates to the editor.

Now, I'm not going to be completely historically accurate with my entry, War of Attrition, because I like anachronisms. Mark's wonderfully drawn T-72 tank sprites will play a vital role in the game as the standard Soviet main battle tank, even though it was historically developed 30 years after the game's plot.

(T-72 Blueprints)

I'm going to be working on the plot now, then layout the technical requirements for the rest of the editors so that I can get everything down. There are a couple oversights in what I've done so far; I'll have to go back and add a little more functionality so I can get more juice out of it (things like specifying a specific tread pattern for each tank, etc).

Another big "problem" is a lack of animation capability. I can't animate for crap though; the only animations will probably be particle effects like smoke, explosions and fire. Unfortunately, this means helicopters will not be entering the game, however, I wanted to use Zeppelins anyway :D

EDIT: If anyone needs a better map of Europe, I've taken the time to edit existing maps to make a nice clean one. If anyone else needs a map, you can check out mine to see if it suits your needs. [grin]

One final tidbit for today - the game begins on September 1st, 1939...
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Another big "problem" is a lack of animation capability.

Not sure if you've thought of this, but we had the gun barrels of our tanks as seperate images, so we could move the sprite back a couple pixels and then have it slowly reset to simulate firing.....

EDIT: NVM, I guess that doesn't solve your animation problem does it.......

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Looking sweet. Looks like were going to get some good Poland invading action[lol](That is the date you're referring to, right?)

Mine is based in history too, but is not at all accurate(Let's just say it presents an alternate history[grin]).

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If you need any random stuff (like a blowed up T-72), I'd be willing to help. Just nothing too large...
Anyway, good luck w/your project!

-Mark the Artist

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Right now I'm working on the code part. If, by some miracle, it comes to the point where I need more artwork I'll fire you off a PM or something [smile]

And yes, you will be invading Poland as the first segment of the game. "Learning curve." [lol]

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