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Now entering Journal Land...

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Welcome Reader, allow me to introduce myself.

All About Me

My name is Metorical and I'm a 23 year old Technology Consultant. I live in London and work in the City at various Investment Banks. Unfortunately I do not work directly for the Banks else I'd be earning a whole load of money but I manage to get by on what I do get ;)

My work involves the implementation of my companies products for their clients and ranges from simple installation to customisation of core functionality. I'm not a developer so I don't get to play with C/C++ everyday but I do get to use our own inbuilt scripting language and TCL.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my girlfriend, keep fit (although that's gone down the pan of late), hang out with my friends and program!

Getting Back in to the Swing

I couldn't start a journal without pictures so here you go! Last Bank Holiday I found myself with almost an entire evening free so managed to knock something together in about 3 hours:

As you may have guessed it's a Geometry Wars clone. In Alien Ressurection Ripley comes across a room with all the previous failed cloning experiments, herself, the success, being number 9. My clone represents number 1 or 2 at the moment!

While it may not seem impressive (and it really isn't) I'm still quite pleased because this was my first forray with the SDL and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I was able to get the xbox-360 controller pad working in less than 30 minutes. All I need to add now is gameplay.

Anyway enough for now... hopefully I'll have some nicer pictures to show you soon and I'll also have to have a chat about my design.
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Recommended Comments

You seem to have a very interesting life. I will look forware to see your next post and Welcome to GameDev.net Blogger.

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Thanks invisal :-)

Tell me more what you're interested in and I'll try and add more along those lines. Of course I'll also blather on about all the other random stuff ;)

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Hey! Good to see you got GDNet+!

I gave you the customary rating++ for your first journal entry.

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Thanks Stompy, I figured it was about time I made my contribution :O) I'm hoping I get even half your rate of progress and I'll be doing well!

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Hey! Welcome to GD.NET+ Land (finally) Metorical!

Looking forward to reading about your (mis)adventures. [grin]


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Thanks HopeDagger, another great producer! I'll have to upload those Skirmish Online maps I promised you now I guess.

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I appreciate Robotron clones and TCL.

I look forward to more entries.

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Thanks Ravuya :) I'm glad you appreciate TCL and I think anyone who played with it would too!

We often get asked why we didn't use Visual Basic in our applications rather than TCL. Two good reasons spring straight to mind:
1. At the time VB was very immature
2. Not many people know TCL so it's a nice specialism on my CV.

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