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Books vs The Internet

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If you're relying on the internet for all your reference material then perhaps it's time to invest in some serious books? Admitedly Books are infinetly more expensive than random webpages, GBP30-50 vs GBPfree, not something that everyone can afford, but you do get what you pay for.

Where do you get your reference material from?

I've decided that every now and then I'll highlight one of the books that I've found really useful and here's the first one you should all rush out and buy ( from the GDNet shop of course ;)

Recommended Book - The C++ Standard Library

The C++ Standard Library is a thorough reference to the C++ Standard Library. Whenever I need to find out how a function works or the behavious of an object in the Standard LIbrary this is the place I turn to. It's strength lies in the way it presents the material with clear and concise examples. It hasn't got many reviews but it's still worth checking out below:
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Recommended Comments

Well, I agree that books are nice to have for reading purposes, I find that for reference online sources are so much faster because of Ctrl-F. If I'm quickly looking up STL stuff, I'll just pop over to SGI and see what their docs say about it, rather than break out Josuttis and consult the guide.

Granted, for other things (casual reading and stuff) I enjoy books a lot more, simply because I can cuddle up with them and a blanket and just read. And they look really nice all lined up on my shelf, which is always a big plus. And you can lend them out to friends who are also interested in game development and they huggle you, then trash the book and never give it back [sad]


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Hehe I've offered some of the more hefty tomes to my friends and it's scared them off... There's some great C++ books that come in small form factor though, I'll have to get to those later!

I agree that ctrl-f is quick but not if you're not 100% sure what you're looking for. Granted you can have exactly the same set-up on the internet but I find it quicker to scan the contents or index then if I don't hit the target I can read around the few neighbouring pages and find it :D

p.s. Nice Link

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