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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I'm back from my Tuscon trip, and I must say, 96 degrees never felt so cool! It was 106-110 degrees everyday I was there, and working outside on a scaldingly hot airplane became exceedingly difficult. Anyways......

Axis Shift
Mark drew up some fancy new Battlecruisers for both the Albion and Archangelesk, and here they are......

After minutes of debate, Mark and I decided to enter the 4 Elements contest. Our entry will be a *GASP* 2D flight action game! We're going to use the Dogfight Engine I've been cooking up to make the "sequel" to Angels 20, our first real game project. We were considering the title Angels 20 II, but now were thinking more along the lines of: Angels 22.... yeah, we're awesome[grin]

Anyways, expect more updates soon!
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Yeah, I'm not sure where the guns are on the Arch one, but I'm sure Mark will post an explanation soon....

@ukdm - We may need your subtitle expertise once again!

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Original post by Mushu
The Archangelesk looks relatively tame - has its weaponry yet to be added?

No, the guns are the things on the side(they were a bit subtle, so I changed them some):

The idea behind the Archangelesk Battlecruisers is that they're very purpose-built compared to the Albionic ones. They have only two big guns each, but the guns are huge(as you can see), built into the main structure of the ship. The cannons themselves are extremely powerful, equivalent to many smaller weapons, but have a very short range so in order to use them the ships have to get close, which is why they're so damn fast.

I want a couple scenarios where you are fighting an enemy fleet head on only to have a squadron of battlecruisers come out of nowhere to try and smash your fleet in of those classic "Oh, shit!" moments.

Plus the battlecruisers are my favorite to draw, being sleek and all and I didn't want to ruin them by pasting guns everywhere, and um, yeah I have time to think about stuff whilst drawing these things...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

-Mark the Artist

EDIT: That's weird it put this comment below Mushu's because I quoted him...

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