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More 4E5 planning...

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OK, after some further thought into my previous ideas for the 4 elements contest, I'm noticing some issues. War games, and specifically First person shooters require some decent AI. I suck at AI and I really don't want to make this project into a learning experiment.

So back to the drawing board. I have a new strategy toi designing the game. If I could write out a list of game types that I am sure I am capable of, I may be able to morph them into something useable around the elements. Here's a quick list:

-Racing game
-Space flight
-Puzzle game

I actually like the maze idea a lot. I could easily make a 3D maze type game where dumb american tourists are forced to navigate an old windy European town. Obviously the europe part is covered. Add some functionality for buyting a map and finding money, and economy is set. Emotion could be tied to the fact that you are ina strange country where no one speaks english, possible isolation or lonliness. Emblem may be a bit difficult to implement, but it should be workable.

This game idea could easily lend itself to my ability. Lots of simple textured quads for the walls. Add a skybox with famous landmarks to make the setting. Simple collision detection with the walls - either bounding boxes or just look up from the maze array. Add in some angry NPCs and it would be set. Time to start designing...
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Original post by superpig
Reminds me of an old Mac game called 'The Scarab of Ra.'

Hmm... may have to look that off to make sure I'm not going to blatently rip it off.

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