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Skirmish Quasi-Hiatus

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Now that I have just deemed v0.06 of Skirmish Online as complete, me and Draffurd have decided to take a quick (~1 month) break from Skirmish in order to join in on a short contest.

What contest? No, not GD.NET mystic 4E5 contest; sorry. But rather a contest being sponsered by the nice folks over at GeeksWithBlogs.net. They're hosting a game development contest that yields a prize of an XBox 360. From Mars. So the shipping+handling really gets you.

Anyways, they're doing it with cooperation with Microsoft in order to promote MS's line of Express products released a few years ago. I'm personally a fan of these awesome, yet free, products, so I have no issue booting up Visual C# Express and writing a nice game with SDL.NET. [smile]

Part of the rules is that you have to keep a blog on their website detailing your progress and experiences/feedback regarding Visual Studio Express. I'd rather hang out here, but rules are rules. Anyways, you can keep up on that blog (if you dare) over at HopeDagger's GeeksWithBlogs.net Blog. Development is already heating up amongst the contestants, and with less than a month left it should prove to be very interesting. Even if me and Draffurd don't win, we'll still have another game to toss on the 'ol portfolio. [grin]

Skirmish updates won't outright halt, but likely they'll fall to 25% of full sail. I've still got enough free time left before this summer (Summer=Fulltime-teh-work) to keep these two projects going. As for Star of Shadows, my other RPG project, well, it's still on ice for the moment. But it'll get done too eventually. :)
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Original post by Ravuya
If I want to enter this contest, do I have to use .NET?

Yeah. According to the rules, you must use one of the Visual <blah> Express 2005 editions to create a game.

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Good Luck! I'm thinking an Xbox 360 would bring a bit more people to the 4E5[grin]

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