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First post! Otherwise known as: One down, twelve to go!

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Might as well start this journal off with some "good" news:

My final is over! One class down, twelve to go! Who would have thought that a graduate level class would have participation / attendance as a portion of the overall grade? Since I had to work during class about half of the time, I really wonder how my grade will turn out. HW=99%... Final=~90%... Class graded on a curve... I guess I deserve a... B? WTF! We'll see soon I guess.

The COD Game Development Club is starting to come together. First meeting in a day or so. Hopefully we can put together a 4E entry this year. It would be fun.

I like listening to the Big Sonic Chill (FM 94.9, San Diego) from midnight to 4am when I'm up. I found it when I worked third shift. Midori plays "ethereal dream pop bliss," some of which at its core can be called... new age. NEW AGE! I almost made myself sick coming to this realization. You like what you like I guess.

God am I boring! Or am I just tired? Nope... boring.
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Welcome :-)

I had attendance scaling on lab work as well which was particularly ridiculous... I decided to go to a protest which lopped 5% of my marks off, very unfair.

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