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Confusebox = easy?

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Is ConFusebox too easy? I made the size random so that the game would vary slightly in difficulty from day to day, but I think the smallest size (7, today) is just too easy.

It currently picks a random size between 7 and 9. Any objections to me ramping it up one or two clicks?

My only worry is that it'll make the game take longer to play, and I don't wanna get outside of the whole "low commitment" thing.

Other than that, everything's working. I just made a minor update to SQLiteZinc to further minimize the number of DLL calls made. It turns out that the method of calling code in a DLL via Flash runs about as fast as an ox pulling a U-Haul trailer, so the key to reasonable performance is to do your computing on one side (the DLL side) or the other (the Flash side) and to spend as little time as possible making calls between the two.

This has sped up the startup time of the games pretty significantly. I'm happy.
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No objection from me. I've found that the smallest one is almost always possible to get "perfect" on the first try, which really makes it kind of boring in a way. I enjoy the larger ones quite a bit more. Of course, I'm insane, and I wouldn't object to a 25x25 [grin]

Speaking of which... what's the "official policy" (if any) on playing more than once to try and perfect a score on the dailies? I personally only play each puzzle once, but there was an... incident a while ago where someone was doing quite the opposite.

Oh, there's also some kind of cookie bug where occasionally my name comes up as "Undefined" in the high score box.

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Considering Confusebox is one of your shorter games (going by times on the high score board), I don't see any problems with increasing the board size. As long as it doesn't get to ChessCards levels of commitment, you should be fine.

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