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Augh, I'm still working on the Object Editor (an editor to "build" an object from the components), and I'm writing a TreeView control. And I think my brain is about to a splode. Because AUGH. Data structures... I ph34r that class next semester.

But yeah, I think I've got that part sorted out (its a mess), now I'm trying to figure out how to render the whole thing. Lets see... we have a tree of hardpoints to render, right? Each entry has two states - expanded and collapsed, so...
function render leaf
for each child on leaf
render child
if child is expanded
increase depth
render child as leaf
else if child is selected
render border around child

I think that's what I want... Yay for using the journals to collect thoughts :D

I think I'm going to go get some lunch and let my mind mull over it some more. Eugh!
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It'll be on the to-do list when I get around to making the to-do list editor.

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