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So much to do, so little time...

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I have a couple of major things planned next for Quix, but I like to let things that big "simmer" in the back of my head for at least a week so I can properly think though them. Usually after a while I come up with a few nasty things to watch out for and a couple of different ways of doing things and the end result is a lot nicer as a result.

So for the time being I thought I'd attack my task list:

This is just autogenerated by Eclipse from the task tags in comments (usually TODO or FIXME). I don't use this for "things to do next" but instead this keeps track of the temporary hacks, workarounds and skeleton code so I can go back and fix them properly when new functionality works.

I can't actually remember most of these, so it's going to be interesting comming back to old code and refactoring it to be cleaner before I move on. 49 tasks remaining, I'd better get to work...
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Neat idea, but a name starting with 'pinchy' sounds far too much like a crab for my liking. [grin]

Hmm... maybe I could add some crabs called pinchyderm with the inverse colour scheme...

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