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Whee! Finished up the TreeView control. It doesn't look all that good, but it gets the job done. It scrolls with a right mouse button drag, just like everything else, as per convention. And the entries that can be collapsed/expanded have a nice little -/+ by them so you know that they can. I have to say, this was the most pain in the ass control I've written so far. So OMG SCREENIE TIME! :D

I've also pictured what little work I've managed to get done on the Object Editor. Yeah, spiffy :] The "Load Components" button pops up that little dialogue, which isn't really a dialogue because I never programmed dialogues into the GUI system so its really just a hack, but nonetheless it allows you to choose which component sets you have loaded and stuff. Which is whee!

Ah, I also wanted to show the spiffy usage for the TreeView control - the above control was generated with -

_treeView.setDim( 110, 22, 200, 200 );
_treeView.setOffsetString( " " );
_treeView.setRootDisplay( "Things I like" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Cake", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Cake", "Pancaek", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Pancaek", "Pancaek Bunnay", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Cake", "Floor Caek", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Pie", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Pie", "Apple Pie", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Apple Pie", "Apple Pie a la Mode", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Apple Pie", "Apple Pie sans la Mode", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Pie", "Cherry Pie", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Pie", "Pumpkin Pie", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "Waffles", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "ITS A TRAP", "" );
_treeView.addEntry( "ITS A TRAP", "SOMEONE SET US UP THE BOMB", "" );

Its a bit tedious, to be sure, but all of the additions to the list will be done in a nice big loop that goes through all of the possible hardpoints you have on your nice vehicle/object. And I'll leave the listbox nice and big so we can have some pretty complicated stuff :]

(but that shouldn't matter too much since it scrolls :>)
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