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wth gd?

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Ok, so something bothers me about gamedev. When I released EasyShots, I sent an email to announce it in the news section, I know it's not strictly a gamedev tool, but *I* use it to take screenshots of my works in progress, so I thought gamedev readers might be interested; my news never got posted, I wasn't happy, but I thought that perhaps gamedev is just trying to seem like a more _industry_ portal, I mean most of the news that get posted are industry news; but anyway, I didnt even get a response saying "sorry, we wont run your news, we are trying to stick to industry type things", which I would've understood... but I did not complain, I just kindly let it slip.

But now... I saw that currently there are only two prices posted for 4E5, so I thought I'd give up a license of EasyShots to every contestant; I sent an email to the link they have on this page with my offer, this was on either friday or saturday... maybe I'm not as patient as I should be, but at least send a "we're busy but we'll get to you..." reply.

My offer still stands, albeit "unofficially" for now, if any of the contestants is interested, send me a PM and provided that you can with a link to your entry and I'll happilly hook you up.

EasyShots is great for taking IOTD screenshots, btw.
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